United We WIN
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We are a full service representation and marketing company that provides elite management services for talented athletes aspiring to play at the professional level and reach a global market. Our team of experts will assess each player’s unique talent in order to match them to the right team and form the best strategic marketing campaign. We ensure that every opportunity is afforded to improve contract options and focus on building the player’s brand for long-term success. Athletes especially understand the importance of being a part of a great team. At Sports Up Nation, we believe that United We Win. We skillfully build teams that offer diverse backgrounds as well as extensive professional experiences, and agree with our mission -  to add value to the player’s professional and personal life. Rise up with SUN! Here are some of the services we offer:

Contract Negotiations

Sports Up Nation is making its mark in the sports world as one of the leading contract negotiating agencies.

Training Opportunities

We have years of experience providing pre-draft strategies, detailed timeline of priorities, and facilitating sport specific training.

Brand Development

We work to build and implement a personal brand that suits each of our client’s personality and character.


We build brands by working with our strategic partners to gain sponsorships and increase endorsement opportunities.

Media Relations

We increase brand awareness and name recognition nationally and globally through social media and other platforms.

Post-Career Counseling

We facilitate our client’s post-career planning to help improve the transition into a successful secondary career.